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Salty & Sweet

Add a little spice in the boudoir with these patterns. They were absolutely meant to be on pajamas.

red, pink and blue fabric with sailboat and bath scene

Xanadu in Red

This elegant scenic pattern evokes exotic escapades and luxurious bath rituals. A timeless classic.

scattered rose fabric pattern on pink background

The Knotty Rose

After the Did rise bestowal, the crisp up did doth beginneth.

hand-drawn pink and white striped fabric

Swashbuckler Stripes

The Cap'n drew this stripe with his leaky ink pen and wooden parallel rulers while becalmed at sea.

red fabric with pink and blue toile scenes
pajama mock up with pink and white pattern

Please contact us for information on art licensing, design collaborations and commissions. We would love to hear from you. We have a million more ideas!

Please excuse any bad photoshopping. It was only slightly easier than actually sewing these things by hand.

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