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Very Short Stories

In the spirit of Ernest Hemingway’s six word story, and falling somewhere between dribble and drabble, Stephanie’s very short stories are the perfect accompaniment to our brilliant artwork:

When she wore a corset and he wore nothing, they entered into a special place. Some say it was pure fantasy and others claim it was real. The truth may never be known, but many have reported a euphoric sensation when swimming in the Sea

One look at the smoldering black eyes and very short legs of a mysterious seaman and she knew in an instant that life on land would never satisfy. He was feral and arrogant, she was impetuous and seasick, the perfect match for a life of high adventure.

Daggers of defiance flashed from her very normal eyes, as if to say, “Yes, I will sleep with you in the desert tonight.” She longed to be put down so as to pull off his very strange boots.

Inside of his sun bronzed chest his heart pounded, but was it fear or the tantalizing sensation of being her captive? Where was he and why was his blindingly-white pirate shirt always open? He knew not of what she spoke, but only of her bizarrely arranged teeth.

As if possessed by the turbulent waters that carried their vessel into uncharted waters, the bodacious tresses of both man and woman guide them into wildly impossible poses.

He came from a far away land full of brutally short and handsome men. She felt the heat of his gaze on her collarbone as the blood of her Viking ancestors raced through her veins. Soon they were awkwardly dancing into each others’ impassioned hearts.

There was no explaining her insatiable appetite for Madeira wine and the sight of his muscle-free calves.

A kiss below-deck triggered a whirlpool of reckless abandon as the Golden Hind sailed into port.

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