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A Great Source of Entertainment

On an image search recently, I stumbled upon a new source of enormous entertainment: historic costume sewing patterns. The patterns look great and believe me, I wish I had the wherewithal to sew any one of these, but there is just something about the modernish-day model juxtaposed with the costume, that just kills me.

Here are a few of the best:

For a while, I thought that was his real hair. Now I am not so sure. The illustrated rogue looks a little bit like Barry Gibb.

This one looks like a hell of a lot of work. Look at the bric-a-brac. Look at the waistcoat. Look at the size of the kid's head on the right. You can purchase this one here.

Both of these fellows seem to be offering up some kind of treat in their left hands. I would advise against taking it. You can get this one here.

Someone went to town with the make-up on this one. Does that child have a five o'clock shadow? He sure has an attitude. You can get this one here.

And the Vampire Renaissance Poet...a character just crying out to star in a YA novel. This guy actually pulls it off. And he has inspired a couple of portraits:

The young man on the left is a pretty good likeness. The ladies' man on the right was conjured from my imagination, given a rose and a pirate belt buckle. He reminds me of a shifty Tom Jones.

~ Leslie

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