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Less is More: Our unique crossbody handbags

Ten new pattern designs, 3 styles and infinite combinations: The Less is More Zippered Bags are Delightful Eco-Fashion Statements

Like many a great idea, design or whatever-have-you, our latest product came from a confluence of things. In November 2020, while still on lock-down, Leslie dipped her toe back into screen-printing on fabric, and within a few weeks had set up shop to print small runs on linen and cotton canvas, repurposing some of our earlier designs and with Stephanie, developing new designs to print. As hand-printed fabric, these designs have a different look and feel from our earlier digital designs, and have a more experimental quality. What’s more, we have sourced most of the fabric from Scrap, a San Francisco artists’ resource, allowing us to up-cycle high-quality previously discarded fabric.

It was at Scrap that Leslie first purchased a roll of brown strap, which sparked the idea for a hand-bag, and in February, sewed up a bag using two of our designs – our Ornamento pattern printed on blue cotton canvas on the outside with our curly-cue leaf design printed on a muslin liner inside. A star was born.

Our initial idea had been to keep it simple, which meant, no interior or exterior pockets – simply an 8″ x 7″ zipper pouch with a cross-body strap, good for carrying just the basics while shopping during the pandemic, therefore we named them the “Less is More” bag.

But the most delightful thing about the bags is the combinations of patterns, all of which are our designs which have either been printed at Spoonflower, or printed by hand.

As our bags have evolved, we have also tried out different styles of straps, and in the long-run, concluded that maybe a little less “Less” might be a little more “More”, so we have added a 4″ x 6″ internal pocket which fits a cell phone or keys or sunglasses.

The fabric for the pocket lining was also recycled from a pre-cut sample source book, and adds an additional thoughtful layer of design.

You can find our complete collection of bags on our Shoppe, and purchase fabric by the yard at

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