Our Process

How it is we do what we do

There are times when we work together in one of our studios. These are madcap, drawing, brainstorming and laughing sessions, and the work produced during these creative vacations is invaluable. Some of our most inspired work has come from these times. When not working together, the digital age makes this bi-coastal collaboration possible, as we pass ideas, scans and designs back and forth to each other via text and email.

Our designs have come to embrace a naïve drawing style intent on capturing gesture and sentiment as they depict the high camp and melodrama of epic love stories and nautical adventures. Reverting to the artistic skills and sensibilities of their adolescence, they have taken much that was learned in academic art classes and turned it upside down. One might describe their philosophy as thus:

• Draw what you know, not what you see
• Tell a good story
• Appeal to people who have a good sense of humor

In order to preserve a fresh appeal, most of the imagery is hand drawn in ink and painted with watercolor. Their work is scanned and then worked into designs and patterns by Leslie who is the digital designer of the duo. She works out of her home studio (aka dining room) in San Francisco. Stephanie’s background as a surface designer in the interior design industry directs the overall aesthetic. She also works out of her home studio/dining room on the opposite side of the country near Boston.

Working at Steph's
Working at Steph's